Energy Smart offers home energy assessments and instant rebates to residential Entergy New Orleans electric customers. The program uses a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency, and comfort through home improvements. 

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

Take a whole-house approach to improving the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

Multifamily Solutions

Do you live in an apartment and want to save energy and money? Energy Smart has options for you.

Income-Qualified Weatherization

Would you like to make your home more energy-efficient, but have limited income?

A/C Solutions

Is your central air conditioning not running efficiently? Does it need to be replaced? Click here to find out why and what Energy Smart can do for you.

Energy Smart Online Marketplace

Shop for energy-efficient products from the comfort of your home and receive instant discounts.

Appliance Recycling

Looking to get rid of an outdated refrigerator or freezer? Energy Smart will give you $50 to haul away your working fridge or freezer.

Residential Appliances

Looking to lower your utility bill? Energy Smart offers energy-efficient appliance rebates to increase efficiency and lower costs.


Would you like to receive $25 annually for helping reduce demand during the summer?

Residential Battery Pilot

Earn up to $550 by enrolling your home battery system in the battery pilot program. Find out if you qualify.

Peak Time Rebate Pilot

Reduce your energy usage and earn $50 cash through Entergy New Orleans’ Peak Time Rebate Pilot.

Bring Your Own Charger Pilot

Enjoy 2,100 miles of free driving per year by earning a monthly $7 incentive.


Home Performance with ENERGY STAR/Income-Qualified Weatherization/Multifamily

Will all of my light bulbs be changed in my home?

LEDS can only be installed to replace incandescent bulbs. We can not replace CFL, Halogen or florescent bulbs.  

Is the assessment free?

Yes, the assessment is free to Entergy New Orleans residents.

Am I still eligible to participate if I am renting?

Yes, landlord authorization is required in order to participate in the HPwES and Income-Qualified Weatherization offerings.  If your home contains two or more electric meters under one roof or you live in an apartment complex you are eligible to participate in the multifamily offering.

Does it matter if my house is gas heated?

Gas heated homes are eligible for the assessment and certain follow-up measures. Gas heated homes are not currently eligible for insulation and air sealing. Energy-saving aerators and showerheads are only available for customers with electric water heaters.  

How much can the energy-saving products save?

  • LEDs use up to 90 percent less energy and can save an average of $80 in energy costs over their lifetime compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. A popular residential option, ENERGY STAR light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, can be installed in bathrooms, permanent fixtures, ceiling fans, chandeliers and other high-usage areas.
  • Faucet aerators use up to 55 percent less water than traditional 2.2-gallons-per-minute (gpm) faucets, which can reduce water and sewer costs, as well as the amount of energy used to heat the water.*
  • Showerheads use up to 40 percent less water than traditional 2.5-gpm showerheads, which can reduce water and sewer costs, as well as the amount of energy used to heat the water.*

Do I have to pay for the recommended follow-ups?

All recommended follow-ups measures are based on an incentive provided by Entergy New Orleans. Should the recommended work exceed the incentive amount, an out-of-pocket expense will be charged to the customer. The customer will be notified of the out-of-pocket expense amount by a trade ally assigned to the home prior to work being done on the home.  Customers can refuse any recommendations at any time.

Are LED lightbulbs safe for the environment?

Yes. Unlike CFLs, LEDs do not contain mercury and are not harmful to the environment if broken.

What is the life of an LED lightbulb?

The average life of an LED bulb, based on three hours of usage per day, is about 22.8 years. Life is based on individual use per bulb.

If a fixture uses less water, will it take longer to complete tasks?

We only install engineered aerators designed to perform the same task using less water more efficiently.

Energy-saving aerators mix air and water to provide the correct surface area coverage for completing tasks. Chances are you will not even notice that the flow rate has changed.

How do I properly dispose of unbroken LEDs?

It is important that the LED remain intact to prevent injury from broken or crushed bulbs. For more details, including local recycling locations and contact information for recycling in your area, visit

Will I notice a difference in water temperature?

The water temperature will not be affected by the energy-efficient fixtures. The temperature will still be controlled by your fixture.

How much money will I save on my monthly bill?

Monthly savings are based on individual usage of both water and electric services.

What safety precautions do I need to be aware of before my assessment?

If there are any unsecured pets or unattended minors upon our arrival, we will not be able to enter to perform the assessment or installation. During product installation, we ask that all small children be kept at a safe distance from the advisors. The advisors will provide further direction once on-site.

What happens after my assessment is completed?

An Energy Smart participating trade ally will contact you within two weeks upon completing your assessment. Trade Ally’s will discuss recommended follow-up measures for your home. 

Am I eleigible to participate if I received free lighting at my door from Green Light New Orleans?

Yes, you can still receive a free assessment and additional energy-saving products. 

How do energy-efficient aerators and showerheads use less energy?

Energy-efficient fixtures are designed to complete the same task while utilizing less water. Since your water is heated with electricity, using less hot water will additionally lower your electric bills.

Appliance rebates

How do I apply for an A/C replacement rebate?

Please email or call for more information.  Your A/C unit or heat pump contractor will need to be a Participating Trade Ally with Energy Smart and will need to supply certification for the unit.

I do not actually live in New Orleans but have purchased an ENERGY STAR appliance to be installed at a New Orleans home. Do I still qualify for the rebate?

The purchaser can live anywhere as long as the appliance is installed at an Entergy New Orleans residence.

How can I find out if my appliance is ENERGY STAR?

Look for the ENERGY STAR label directly on the appliance or in the product description. Find more details by visiting: 

I do not actually live in New Orleans but have purchased an ENERGY STAR appliance to be installed at a New Orleans home. Do I still qualify for the rebate?

The purchaser can live anywhere as long as the appliance is installed at an Entergy New Orleans residence.