ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostats

Almost half of a home’s energy bill goes to heating and cooling. Keep your cool and make a smart investment for your home with an ENERGY STAR Certified smart thermostat and receive a $100 rebate from Energy Smart.

ENERGY STAR Heat Pump Water Heaters

Did you know that your home’s second-largest energy user is the hot water heater? Take control of your energy use by choosing an ENERGY STAR Heat Pump Water Heater and receive a $400 rebate.

ENERGY STAR Window A/C Units

ENERGY STAR Certified window A/C units come with better sealing and insulation materials that keep you cool and comfortable. Energy Smart helps you save more with a $50 mail-in rebate.

ENERGY STAR Central A/C Units

Enjoy cool comfort and maximum energy savings with high efficiency cooling rebates. Energy Smart offers up to $500 in rebates for the purchase and installation of high efficiency systems.

ENERGY STAR Dehumidifiers

ENERGY STAR® Certified dehumidifiers prevent excess moisture in your home and use up to 15 percent less energy than conventional dehumidifiers. Protect your home and save with a $25 rebate.

ENERGY STAR Refrigerators

Moving into a new home or just need to replace your old refrigerator to keep your favorite recipes cool? Save energy and money by purchasing a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator and receive a $50 rebate.

ENERGY STAR Water Coolers

Did you know that an ENERGY STAR Certified water cooler uses up to 30 percent less energy?  Enjoy a refreshing hot or cold drink and get a rebate of up to $50 for the purchase of a certified water cooler for your home.

ENERGY STAR In-ground Pool Pumps

An ENERGY STAR Certified pool pump can reduce pump speed by one-half allowing the pump to use just one-eighth as much energy. Energy Smart offers up to a $300 rebate for a Variable Speed In-ground Pool Pump newly installed.

Who can participate?

Any residential Entergy customer in Orleans Parish is eligible to participate.