Reduce your energy usage and earn up to $50 cash with the Peak Time Rebate Pilot

Entergy New Orleans residential customers can get cash incentives for reducing their energy use during short periods of high electricity usage. This limited-time offer is available to the first 2,000 residential customers to enroll.

Customers enrolled in the Peak Time Rebate pilot will receive an email notification to reduce energy use during short periods of high electricity usage, also known as peak demand events. The email will share tips on how to reduce your electric usage for the event duration, normally 2-4 hours. A maximum of 15 events will be called in a calendar year.

Once enrolled, you will receive:

  • An email at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled peak demand event with the date and time of the event.
  • An email at the start of the event with specific recommendations on how to reduce your electricity usage.
  • An email at the end of the event, letting you know the event has ended.
  • An email after peak season, totaling your energy saved across the peak demand events and the amount of your earned cash incentive.
  • A check in the mail for the total incentive earned.
    • Low savers: $10
    • Medium savers: $20
    • High savers: $50

To earn maximum rewards, do as much as you can to reduce your energy use during peak demand events, including:

  • Turning off your lights.
  • Setting your thermostat temperature three degrees higher in summer.
  • Not using your dishwasher, clothes washer or clothes dryer during the events.
  • Minimizing opening your refrigerator/freezer during the events.
  • Unplugging and/or turning off appliances not in use (TV, coffee maker, etc.).

This pilot offering is fully subscribed and is no longer accepting new enrollments.