Energy Smart is Entergy New Orleans’ energy efficiency program that incentivizes customers to perform energy saving upgrades in their facilities. The program works with business owners, facility managers and trade ally contractors to identify opportunities and provide cash incentives for completing eligible upgrades with proven energy savings.

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Cash incentives.

Incentives can cover up to 100% of the project cost. Click on the project inquiry button below and tell us what types of upgrades you want for your building – our energy advisors will do the rest.


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Energy Smart Lighting Application

Energy Smart Non-Lighting Application


Required application documents:

  • Application/calculator
  • One Entergy New Orleans utility bill for project site
  • Itemized proposal/estimate
  • Proposed equipment specifications
  • Proposed equipment certifications (DLC, ENERGY STAR, AHRI)
  • W-9 for incentive payee
  • Photos of existing equipment

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Who is eligible to participate in the Energy Smart Commercial & Industrial program?

Any business customer that receives electrical service from Entergy New Orleans.

Who is eligible to receive Energy Smart cash incentives?

Any business customer or trade ally that completes a project with measurable and verifiable energy savings.

How is my cash incentive calculated?

Cash incentives are based on electric (kWh) savings associated with the proposed scope of work in the Energy Smart application package.

How do I apply for incentives?

  • Fill out a project request form on the business landing page located here, and an energy advisor will complete the Energy Smart project application with you.
  • Work with a trade ally or contractor to complete the Energy Smart project application calculator, and submit your application package to

What are the required documents in an Energy Smart application package?

  1. Lighting, non-lighting or new construction application/calculator (excel file)
  2. One Entergy New Orleans utility bill for project site
  3. Itemized proposal/estimate
  4. Proposed equipment specifications
  5. Proposed equipment certifications (DLC, ENERGY STAR®, AHRI)
  6. W-9 for incentive payee
  7. Photos of existing equipment

Email application package documents to

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can get?

You can get up to $200,000 per project with a maximum cap of $600,000 per year.

Do I need to get approval before starting a project?

  • If the project is estimated to exceed $5,000, then pre-approval is required before purchasing and installing equipment.
  • If the project is estimated to be less than $5,000, pre-approval is not required. You may purchase and install eligible equipment prior to submitting the application. If you would like to verify that your equipment is eligible for Energy Smart incentives, contact an energy advisor here.

How do I earn incentives?

  • Follow these simple steps:
    1. Customer or trade ally identifies project.
    2. Customer or trade ally submits required application package.
    3. Program conducts site visit and grants pre-approval.
    4. Customer or trade ally orders and installs equipment.
    5. Customer or trade ally submits completion documents after installation.
    6. Program conducts post-site visit and pays incentive check.

What if I do not know what type of upgrades I want or need to make?

  • You can request a call from an energy advisor by clicking on the Contact Us Today button, located on the business landing page, and filling out the form.
  • Email us at
  • Call 504-229-6868.

Do you have any special offers for small businesses?

Small businesses are eligible for the Small Business Energy Assessment. This assessment is free and includes installation of select energy-saving products and recommendations for additional energy-saving upgrades that can be made through an Energy Smart trade ally.

How long does it take to get the incentive?

Incentive check will be mailed 3-6 weeks after all completion documentation is submitted to

Why does Entergy offer energy efficiency incentives?

Energy Smart offers energy efficiency solutions to help New Orleans residents and businesses save energy and money. The comprehensive energy efficiency plan was developed by the New Orleans City Council and is administered by Entergy New Orleans, LLC.

Energy Smart is available to all Entergy New Orleans customers such as:

  • Small businesses.
  • Colleges and universities.
  • Hotels.
  • Government.
  • Commercial real estate.
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Large commercial and industrial.
  • Offices.
  • Healthcare.
  • K-12 schools.
  • Grocery and convenience.
  • Warehouses.

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