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All Energy Smart programs are now open. As part of our commitment to safety, we are taking additional precautions to protect the health and safety of our customers, trade allies and employees. All program staff and trade allies are adhering to the following health and safety guidelines:

      • All trade allies and employees will self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms prior to each shift.
      • Customers will be contacted prior to on-site visits to confirm that no one has tested positive or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days. Appointments will be rescheduled if necessary.
      • Face masks will be worn at all times.
      • Hand washing or the use of approved hand sanitizer will be used before and after each visit.
      • Equipment and electronics will be sanitized before and between each visit.

Check out our safety video to learn more about the protocols we are using to keep you safe.

We are accepting applications for all residential and commercial energy efficiency programs and have modified site verifications to follow safety protocols. For residential customers, in-home energy assessments are now available.

Check out our exclusive offers for small business customers, such as enhanced prescriptive incentives, smart thermostats and free Business Energy Efficiency Kits. Visit Small Business Solutions to learn more.

The Energy Smart Program is available to all commercial customers that receive electrical service from Entergy New Orleans, LLC. The program provides cash incentives for completing eligible upgrades with measurable/verifiable energy savings. Annual Customer Incentive Cap of $500,000 across all projects and customer accounts.


Prescriptive or Custom incentives are available based on the project type and building size.

Small Business Solutions

Designed for Small Business customers to help reduce energy costs and save money.


Benchmarking helps uncover and pinpoint your commercial building energy usage.


Improve performance & energy efficiency of whole building systems, equipment & operations.

New Construction

Incentives available for increasing efficiency in new building design and construction.

Commercial Real Estate

Adding value to multi-tenant buildings through energy efficiency.

Demand Response

Earn incentives for reducing energy consumption during peak demand events.

Trade Allies

Trade allies help customers implement energy efficiency upgrades and earn incentives.

Energy Smart is available to all Entergy New Orleans customers such as:

      • Small businesses.
      • Non-profit organizations.
      • Large commercial facilities.
      • Industrial facilities.
      • Warehouses.
      • Parking lots and garages.
      • Office buildings.
      • Commercial retail buildings.
      • Schools.
      • Publicly funded buildings.

To receive Energy Smart Commercial Program updates:

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