Reduce your energy bills with our free retrofit work parties.

Our community partner, Energy Wise Alliance, helps nonprofits in Louisiana operate more efficiently with their limited resources. The utility bill is one of the few expenses that nonprofits can cut without cutting programming. Our program slashes nonprofit utility bills.

In a social atmosphere, experts provide a hands-on experience to your volunteers who complete simple, impactful energy retrofits. 

Ready to get Energy Smart?


  1. EWA performs an energy audit.
  2. We present a workplan to nonprofit administrators.
  3. You approve work to be done.
  4. Work party scheduled.
  5. Volunteers install retrofits.
  6. Final report lists improvements and next steps.

Our nonprofit partners save hundreds of dollars a year that can be put back into their work and our community. 


  • Biggest energy uses.
  • Energy efficiency strategies.
  • Training in the day’s tasks and strategy.
  • How to access local incentives for home energy retrofits.