Need to replace your old window unit?

Increase your home’s comfort, while reducing monthly energy bills, by installing a new high-efficiency window air conditioner (A/C) unit and receive a $50 rebate.

Ready to get Energy Smart?

Who can participate

Any residential Entergy customer in Orleans Parish is eligible to receive rebates for a new high-efficiency window air conditioner A/C purchased from an Energy Smart retailer. Each customer can receive rebates for up to four (4) window units.

How can you participate?

Purchase an ENERGY STAR® window A/C unit at any Energy Smart Retailer, or any retailer who sells ENERGY STAR window A/C units. You can get a rebate application at the time of sale, download the application form here or submit your rebate request online. Simply complete your application within 45 days of your purchase. The installation will then be confirmed, and you will receive a $50 check (per unit, up to four units) in the mail within four to six weeks.