Pool pump energy use can be costly. Pool pump speeds vary based on the pool’s operation. Filtration, for example, only requires half the flow rate of running a pool cleaner. Conventional pool pumps, with only one speed, are set to run at the higher speeds required of the pool cleaner and waste energy during filtration operation by running faster than necessary. An ENERGY STAR® Certified in-ground pool pump can run at different speeds and be programmed to match the pool operation with its appropriate pool pump speed. The energy saved is considerable; reducing pump speed by one-half allows the pump to use just one-eighth as much energy. Energy Smart offers up to a $300 rebate for a Variable Speed In-ground Pool Pump newly installed in Orleans Parish.

Ready to get Energy Smart?

Who can participate

Any residential Entergy customer in Orleans Parish is eligible to receive a rebate for an ENERGY STAR rated pool pump installed in an in-ground pool.

How can you participate?

Contact a Pool Professional to purchase and install an ENERGY STAR In-ground Pool Pump. You can get a rebate application at the time of sale, download the application form here or submit your rebate request online. Simply complete your application within 45 days of your purchase. Your rebate will be processed and you will receive a $300 check in the mail within four to six weeks.