Home Owners

Energy Smart offers home energy assessments and instant rebates to residential Entergy customers in Orleans Parish who invest in energy improvements in their homes. If you make home improvements to upgrade your equipment and reduce your energy bills, you'll also be helping to protect the environment! Here are some common challenges homeowners face, with ways Energy Smart can help:

"I'd like to take a whole-house approach to improving the energy efficiency and comfort of my home."Energy Smart Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
"I'd like to make my home more energy efficient, but I have limited income."Energy Smart Income Qualified Weatherization
"I live in an apartment and want to save energy and money."Energy Smart Multifamily
"My central air conditioning doesn't seem efficient, and I can't figure out why."Energy Smart AC Tune Up
"I'd like to get a new central air conditioning unit, but I need a qualified contractor to install it."ENERGY STAR®
 Central AC Rebates
"I need a new window air conditioning unit."ENERGY STAR® Window AC Rebate.
"I need a new refrigerator and I'd like an energy efficient model."ENERGYSTAR® Refrigerator Rebate. 
"I need to replace my water heater."ENERGY STAR® Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate
"I want to get paid for reducing my air conditioning usage on hot days." Energy Smart Energy Management Rewards
"I want to get discounts on LED light bulbs at a store near me."Energy Smart Residential Lighting
"I'm a 6th or 7th grade teacher in Orleans Parish and I want to help my students become leaders in energy efficiency."Energy Smart for Kids 
“I’m involved in a community organization and our members would love to become more energy savvy.”Energy Smart Workshops
“I want to learn what’s driving my home’s energy use and how to save money!”Energy Smart Scorecard