Projects that will be installed and completed with final paperwork submitted on or after Jan. 1, 2021 use the 2021 Prescriptive and Custom Incentive Calculator.


Energy represents approximately one-third of a commercial building’s operating costs. Implementing energy efficiency upgrades in these properties can result in direct savings to your bottom line as well as increasing the value and occupancy rate of your buildings and enhancing your tenants’ comfort levels.


Entergy New Orleans commercial real estate building owners, operators and property managers can get valuable cash incentives to help reduce utility costs within their multi-tenant office buildings.

Energy Smart can assist commercial real estate facilities with 250,000+ square footage with the following:

  • Help identify energy efficiency opportunities and facilitate engineering reviews.
  • Provide application assistance.
  • Assist with base building and tenant area projects.
  • Market energy efficiency upgrades to building tenants.
  • Develop ROI analytics.
  • Benchmarking assistance via the Energy Smart Energy Advisor Support Service.

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