Optimize your cooling and your savings with an A/C Tune-Up, plus get an instant rebate of up to $150. An A/C Solutions A/C Tune-Up can improve the cooling output and efficiency of your air conditioning unit by up to 30 percent. With an A/C Tune-Up, you’ll enjoy:

  • A more dependable, longer-lasting air conditioning unit.
  • A lower monthly energy bill.
  • Cooler indoor environment.
  • Better humidity control.
  • Instant savings toward the cost of the A/C Tune-Up.

Who can participate?

Any residential Entergy customer in Orleans Parish with a central air conditioner or heat pump that is one year or older is eligible to receive an instant discount for an A/C Solutions A/C Tune-Up. Entergy New Orleans customers are eligible for an A/C Tune-Up every two years.


How can you participate?

Call 504-229-6868 for more information or contact a residential trade ally.


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